Conversations: Wish Love Divine


Pitak Darang struggles to stay afoot after a hideous week-long trek. She is just in time to be a witness, again, as the moonlight strike layers upon layers of boulders at the peak, channeling her to the heavens.

Pitak is transcended to a place all in white. It is a misty jungle with white trees and white birds. A rushing river can be heard.

Pitak Darang

(ferociously screaming)

Bathala! Reveal to me the atrocious monster that you are. You have done me evil.

The young babaylan abruptly kneels, covers her ears with both palms. A painful buzzing pierces through the air, inflicting great pain to young Pitak. An orb of light formed out from the thick haze, almost pewter white, glistening and brilliant.


And what have you become, dear Pitak? How dare you scream at your god?

Pitak Darang

 (screaming out of pain and frustration)

You can never hurt me enough, can’t you? You took it away from me!


Calm your heart. I won’t pipe down the deafening humming unless you do!

Pitak takes a long, deep breath. And slowly, as if it is forbidden, she hushes until the river’s clashing eddies is the only thing that can be heard.

Pitak Darang

You took it away from me, him. He was all that I have had. My entire breathing. And you cruel monster killed him, the both of us.


But are you not the one who was so fervent. You prayed for this love, dear Pitak.

Pitak Darang

If this is love, I do not want it. Divine Love, in my dreams, is nothing near this hurt.


(booming in an annoyed baritone)

Then this pain is by choice! Divine Love is what you want! You said it yourself! All of my children are granted with great volition, and you chose this.

Pitak Darang

Then why does Divine Love hurts so much?

Bathala starts hovering through the white jungle, following a trail of white boulders to the river. Pitak, follows him. Bathala flutters through mid-air, faltering to and fro like an albino santelmo.


Because it was real.

Pitak Darang

Was it?


Of course. This is your Love Divine. A chance to be healed. From pain we realize how much we’ve given. And I’m glad you’re hurting.

Pitak sits by the river bank and dips her feet on the crystal waters. She looked at her distorted reflection on the water, ripples smudging her lips, she cannot tell apart if she’s smiling or not. She realizes how much Love Divine changed her.

Pitak Darang

I needed no healing, at the first place. Is it because I gave it my all? Is that the reason this pain is almost unbearable? You sure are some shitty divinity.


I’ll pretend to never have heard that. But Love that is divine heals. It will take away all the pain, eventually. Your love, oh so divine, will come back my Pitak. Pain is prerequisite to pleasure, always.

Pitak Darang

But why? You cannot just give love and take it whenever you want. That is pure evil.


Trust me, Pitak. I can.

The orb of light that is Bathala, circles the young babaylan. In mere seconds, Pitak is covered with spirals of light, sucking her out of the heavens. In a blink of an eye, she is back at the boulders. Now, all that she have to do is wait.

This is a mere experimentation. I’m not sure if this shit can be counted as a decent script. I really do know nothing about script writing (in other words, ine-echos ko lang kayo). Hi hi hi.


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